What is the Peace Ministry Network?

The Peace Ministry Network is an outgrowth of the Peacemaking Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI).  It is a continuing force urging our association to create and maintain a culture of peace to counteract violence.  It brings together news and resources developed during the CSAI, the United Nations UN Office, the UUService Committee, the Charter for Compassion and other UU peace news and announcements.


The Peacemaking CSAI formally ended at the 2010 General Assembly with the passage of the "Creating Peace" Statement of Conscience.  During the 3 year process, many UUs have become energized to promote peace as never before.  The purpose of the Peace Ministry Network is to institutionalize this energy at the national level to encourage a culture of peace within our families, our association, our communities and throughout the world.


The Ministry will

  • provide resources to the congregatioins with the opportunities for peace activities.
  • encourage peace workshops to be given at the district and general assembly levels.
  • provide internet tools to encourage individual and congregation communications of peace activities and other resources.
  • encourage communication and activity coordination between UUs and individuals and organizations of like interests.
  • manage the Peace Advocacy Program (PAP).  Through the PAP congregations can become "Certified Peace Advocates" by completing a regemin of peace tasks.


The Ministry of Peace Network is an online organization independent of the UUA.  As such, it will not receive any professional funds or staff support. It will be supported by volunteers in the UU organizations served.

We invite anyone interested to join the Peace Ministry Network to help keep peace at the forefront of UU Congregational Agendas.

If you would like to join the Peace Ministry Network, simply register on this website on the home page or contact any one of the contacts on the contacts page.  We will notify you when we add  you to the Peace Advocate List.

Peace with Iran


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